Water-Themed Haiku Contest Winner Announced

Dear Jedheads,

Oh boy, did we get some wonderful entries to the Dial D for Drought: A Call for Water Awareness water-themed haiku contest! All told, we got more than 60 submissions, each evocative in its own way -- which made it difficult to pick just one winner. Very. Very. Difficult.

But I'm a buck who likes a challenge. So when Edith and Jolly couldn't make up their minds, I took matters into my own hooves and made an executive decision.

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Dial D for Drought - Contest #2

There is nothing like a thirst-quenching rain like the one Los Angeles received last week to give us a small reprieve from the drought. My 'hood in the Santa Monica Mountains received more than 5 inches of rain -- more than we've seen in the past year combined. While we got a little break and nice drink, California is still very much in drought. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't be thinking of proactive ways to do our part. 

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